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 Me?  Create?

I have never thought of myself as an artist.  Ever.  Not even once.  My drawings look like I sketched them with my left hand…blindfolded.  It’s not good.

But, you know what?  Just because I cannot draw well, that doesn’t mean that I can’t create.  I came across the Zazzle website a while back.  There were cool designs, some fun sayings, some elegant stationery…and I thought, “I can do this.”  So, I did.  I tried it.  And I loved it.

There is something freeing in creating…something about starting with nothing other than an idea in my mind and seeing it come to fruition in front of me.  It is relaxing…satisfying…fun.  I am hooked.

So, if you have the desire, I hope you find time in your own life to create.  Whatever it may be…sketching, pottery, painting, writing, cooking…if it brings joy and satisfaction to your heart, then go for it!

Check out my shop!

There are many products…shirts, home products, stationery, baby and kid gear, etc.  Some are Christian-based.  Some are teacher-based.  All can be customized to your liking.  🙂


See a few samples below.  Visit my shop for more!

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