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I used to think that being a teacher meant you had to stand in front of a group of kids, teaching lessons in a classroom setting.  I don’t believe this anymore.  A teacher is anyone who influences…anyone who shares knowledge, skills, or wisdom with others.

If you are on this page as a teacher, great!  I hope you check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store to see a range of products you can use in the classroom.

But, if you are here as a momma, I am just as happy!  Remember…you are your child’s first (and probably most influential teacher)!  I hope that you also find products that you can use with your kids.

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Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to see a full listing of products!


scientific method experiments - teacher

All kids love to explore the world around them!  They love to check things out, to interact, to experiment.  This product has three simple, fun experiments that help kids learn about and practice the steps of the scientific method!  And…most materials can probably be found around your house!






riddle poems - teacher


This is a fun, simple way to get kids to use strong word choice. It asks students to brainstorm a word list, use a thesaurus, and use figurative language. The final product is a short poem that uses fantastic language to lead readers to an object.

Kids will have fun writing these…and others will have fun guessing!


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