Stormee the Ostrich Gets the Hic-hiccups — A Fun, Delightful Read!

I love children’s picture books.  I could sit and read them for hours.  There is just something about the way the author and illustrator work together to create meaning with words and pictures that has me hooked.  I’m certain I will be reading picture books in my home long after my children have outgrown them.

Stormee the Ostrich Gets the Hic-Hiccups

I had the pleasure of reading a great new children’s book this weekend.  Stormee the Ostrich gets the hic- hiccups is written by Moniqua S. Lewis  and the art is by Michael Lewis.

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This book tells the tale of Stormee the Ostrich who gets a bad case of the hiccups.  Stormee tries all sorts of wacky methods to try to get rid of the hiccups…turning upside down, being scared…but nothing works!  Finally, a friend shows up with a solution.  That solution leads to another problem, though!

We’ve all experienced a case of the hiccups, and we all know how frustrating those hiccups can be!  Children will relate to this main character, feeling Stormee’s frustration, even as they laugh at the wackiness and fun in the book.

As Stormee tries to get rid of the hiccups, all sorts of mayhem and craziness ensues. Stormee’s facial expressions are priceless and will definitely elicit some giggles and belly laughs.  The language is clear and concise, sure to be a hit with even the youngest listeners.  Illustrations are clean and eye-catching.  Toddlers and older children will both enjoy keeping track of the creatures in the background…a pair of meerkats and a lizard!   The cute ending leaves you wanting more and looking forward to Stormee’s next adventure.

Reading to and with kids is a fundamental building block of developing children into readers. Stormee the Ostrich gets the hic- hiccups is a book that your family will return to again and again during story time.   It is a little bit silly, a little bit wacky, and a whole lot of fun!


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    Stormee is a great book

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