Must Have Lego Storage Solutions

Lego Storage Solutions

I think there are many universally accepted truths of parenting — watching your child sleep will feel like the sweetest thing ever, potty training success will feel as exciting as winning an Olympic gold medal, and stepping on Lego pieces can produce a pain like no other.

Fortunately, there are a few great products and solutions out there that can help parents store Legos easily and keep their feet out of harm’s way.

The Double-Use Train Table

When my son was two, he began to love trains.  No, that’s not true.  He was OBSESSED with trains.  He watched shows about trains.  We read books about trains.  He talked about trains nonstop.  So, naturally, we got him a train table for Christmas that year.  It was an instant hit!  And, it was sturdy enough that it stuck around our home for many years.

As he grew, and his love of trains began to wane (well, at least a little), we found that this table served a fantastic double-use as a Lego table.  The play boards on top flipped around and could be used as a Lego building area.  There was built-in storage that could hold Legos.  It was perfect!  The table below is similar.  Check it out!

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The play surface works with Legos and reverses to an area that can be used with cars or a train set.  It comes with a small collection of Lego-compatible bricks and a small train play set.  There is a storage area under the play surface.  It is sturdy and ready to be played with for years to come!

Build Your Own Lego Desk with Side Storage

As the number of Legos in our house grew, we soon found that they couldn’t be contained by the storage of the train table alone.  And trust me, parents, you want the Legos to be contained.  Legos seem to multiply when they are not contained…on the floor, on the counters, everywhere!  Just waiting for your delicate feet to step on them.

Seriously, though, you will want to have a storage plan in mind.  For us, the perfect solution was the Do It Yourself Lego Desk.  It has been an amazing Lego containing solution in our home.

We started by purchasing a few of those stacked, plastic storage drawers.  Like this:

The one above is great because it comes in a set of two…and you will need two in order to build the desk.  The drawers are see-through, which helps as kids look around for the Lego pieces they want to use.  Having multiple drawers opens up the option to store the Legos by set, if that is important to you.

Now, for us, we took the wood from the train table, and we laid it across the top to form the work surface.  By the time we built the desk, we were done with the train table.  Maybe this will work for you too!  However, if it won’t, purchasing some sort of sturdy board for the top will be necessary.  A trip to your local hardware store should do the trick…a shelving board, a laminate board, whatever works!

Lego Drawstring Sack

Another great solution is the giant drawstring sack.  We didn’t have one of these personally, but a friend did.  It was fantastic!  She hauled the Legos out in the giant drawstring back.  She plopped the bag down in the middle of a group of kids.  They opened the bag and used it as a play/work surface as they happily built for an hour or so.  When cleanup time came, they just made sure all the Legos were on the surface, she drew the drawstrings closed, hauled the bag away, and everything was clean and in order!


No matter the age of your children or the sheer number of Legos you have in your home, I hope you find a storage solution here that may work for you!  Good luck (and may your feet stay pain free)!

Take good care.

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