8 Sweet and Simple Ideas to Brighten Your Kid’s Birthday!

sweet and simple birthday ideas for a child

Birthdays are so much fun, especially when you are a child!  These simple ideas will help you make your child’s day extra special!  And…they won’t break the bank either.

I hope you find these useful.  If have more ideas to add, please share in the comments!

Secret Bedroom Decorating

Break out your ninja stealth moves and decorate your kiddo’s bedroom while he/she sleeps.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate…balloons and streamers work just fine and can be purchased at the dollar store!  Simply blow up the balloons, toss them on the floor of the bedroom, and tape some streamers in the doorway so they hang from the door frame down to the floor.  Your child will wake up to a fun surprise!

All-Out Menu Planning

If you are willing to risk having a wacky menu on your child’s big day, then let him/her do the menu planning!  Your child will feel special and will be guaranteed to like the meal!  If you have a younger child who may not understand the idea of a main dish and sides, then offer options.  Give several choices for a main dish, several for side dishes, choices for the drink, etc.  Let him or her select a set number of options from each “section” of the menu.  You still need to be prepared for an interesting menu, but this option does offer a bit more control.  We did this when my son was turning four, and we ended up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, garlic bread, blueberries, and yogurt.  He was a happy boy!

Make it a Date

Is there something the birthday kiddo just LOVES to do?  Make it a family date to do this activity on his or her birthday.  This doesn’t have to be elaborate.  If your kiddo loves trains, set aside an hour to build a track with train sets you have in the house.  If your child loves to draw, visit the art museum or even just set aside time for a family sketching party.  Pool shark?  Visit the local pool (or beach if it is summertime).  The point is this…the day is meant to celebrate the birthday child.  What better way to celebrate than to experience his or her interests and talents?

A Birthday Chair

This idea is simple, but it brings joy all day long.  Decorate a chair at your family table so that it becomes the “birthday chair.”  This might mean taping balloons to the top, wrapping crepe paper around the edges, hanging a sign on the back, you name it!  No matter how you decorate it, your birthday child will feel special at every meal!

A Birthday Crown or Pin

This is another simple, but oh-so-effective way to make your kiddo feel special on their big day.  Make a birthday crown or pin!  The crown could be made out of paper…the pin could be taped over an already-made button pin.  No matter how simple the item is, your birthday child will feel extra special as he/she wears it around all day.  He/she may even request to wear it around town!   If so, birthday wishes will pour in from all who see it!  🙂

So Sweet Homemade Gifts

Browse Pinterest for a few minutes and you’ll find a plethora of simple, homemade birthday gifts.  Here are a few of my favorites.  There’s just something about a homemade gift that even a child appreciates.  These options definitely show how much your growing kiddo means to you.

“Just a Few Samples of Why We Love You” – Paint Sample Sentiments  This idea from eighteen25.com is simple and sweet.  Pick up some paint sample cards from your local home improvement store.  Hole punch them and bind them together with yarn or string.  On each sample, write down something special about your child.  This gift is sure to make the birthday kid smile each time he/she reads it. 🙂  Our kiddo still keeps his hanging on his wall.

love, letters, and Letter image

I couldn’t find the instructions, but this idea from weheartit.com intrigues me.  I think I want to try this soon!  The idea seems to be to write several letters to your child for him/her to open in the future…when they are feeling sad, lonely, etc.  I love it!

Decisions, Decisions

This idea will work if your child enjoys making decisions.  If you have a kiddo who struggles with decision-making, this idea may cause unnecessary stress on a birthday.  The idea is to let your kid make all the decisions for the day.   What to watch on TV?  The birthday child decides.  What radio station to listen to?  It’s up the the birthday child!  You get the idea.  Being in charge of the day can make the day feel extra special.

Revisit the Past

Have you ever told your son or daughter stories from the past?  Does your kiddo know the crazy things he used to say as a toddler?  Does she know what happened the first time she tried to eat baby cereal?  Share these memories with your child.  Break open a photo album (digital or not!) and spend time reminiscing.  Your child may enjoy this more than you’d think.  🙂  It demonstrates how much you have always loved him/her.

A lot of these ideas really boil down to spending quality time with the birthday child.  Truly, isn’t that what makes each of us feel special and loved?  I hope these ideas bring a smile to your birthday child’s face.  Enjoy!

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  • February 13, 2017 at 3:50 am

    I love this post! My favorite is decorating their room. I have a 10 year old who seems to be outgrowing EVERYTHING! But, he’d love this one for sure. He’d also love the past stories. Great suggestions!

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