Five Minute Friday: Refine

Five Minute Friday is a community over at   Participants are given a word and then asked to write on that word for five minutes.  No edits, no revisions, just five minutes of writing!

This week’s word is REFINE. And…go!

Refine.  This brings to mind the process of being made better.  Of starting in a place that needs improvement, and over time and through sweat and effort, ending in a place that is better than where you started.refined by challenges

I think we, as Christians, are being refined all the time.  God is working with us to make us better, to make us more in His image than we were in the past.  Each day, a little better, a little closer to Him.  Each day being refined.

But being refined isn’t always fun and games and sweet-smelling roses.  Being refined can be hard.

What if you are being asked to trust God more, to wait more on His provisions instead of relying on your own strength?  I write this because this is an area of weakness for me…been there!  Ok, if I’m honest, I’m still there.  But, through the trials, God is refining me.  Every challenge, every heartache, every difficult decision brings me closer to being where God wants me to be.  And you know what?  That makes it worth it.

It doesn’t make it easier, but it does make it worth it.

Being refined is a process.  Peter says that fire tests and purifies gold, and that trials test our faith and show that it is genuine (paraphrased from 1 Peter 1:7).   Being refined is tough, but worth it.


This week’s word was good for me.  I needed to reflect a bit on the process of being refined.  I think it’s a good reminder to us that our trials are for a greater purpose, and that we can draw strength in knowing that.

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