8 Cupcake Cakes (That Even a Novice Could Try!)

I love cupcake cakes.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because the cakes can easily be made into fun, non-traditional cake shapes.  Or, maybe it’s because it’s so easy to have multiple colors in the cake design.  It may even be that the portions are already determined…there’s no fighting over who got the bigger piece!  Whatever it may be, I’m hooked.

Easy Cupcake Cakes

I’ve been searching for the perfect cake design for my daughter’s birthday.  The trouble?  I don’t have a ton of time or a ton of talent when it comes to cake design.  So, I’ve gathered a few cupcake cake ideas that seem possible for someone with more ambition than talent.  🙂   I hope they help someone else, too!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Cake

This cake is from Life in the Lofthouse and I think it looks perfect!  And…perfectly easy.   Even I can frost some cupcakes in brown, pink, and red, then arrange them into this shape!  The decorative touches look simple as well.  Wouldn’t this cake be cute in the summertime?

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Crescents - Life In The Lofthouse:


Rainbow Cupcake Cake

This rainbow cake from Yum Food and Fun is another great example of a simple cupcake cake design.  The most difficult part of this design is the coloring!

Cupcake Rainbow

To get the bright colors, you can use food coloring like these from McCormick:



Or, you can find a kit from US Cake Supply by Chefmaster like this:




Minecraft Sword Cupcake Cake

The Java Cupcake Blog has instructions for how to build this cake.  It is a little more difficult and more time-intensive than the previous two cakes, but look at it!  Every Minecraft-lover will LOVE this cake!  The frosting is even piped to look like pixels.

Minecraft Sword Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake {Recipe & Tutorial} | The JavaCupcake Blog http://javacupcake.com


A good piping kit is necessary for a lot of these designs.  There are many out there, like the one listed here.


Princess Cupcake Cake

This beautiful cake from The Whoot is a princess-loving girl’s dream.  And…chances are, if you have a princess-loving girl in your house, you probably have all the “extras” you need to make this cake work.  Any costume jewelry, tiaras, ribbons, you name it…they can be used to “dress up” this dress!

Princess Pull Apart Cupcake Cake


Bunny Cupcake Cake

easter-bunny-pull-apart-cupcake-cake-idea-Crafty Morning has a tutorial for this adorable bunny cupcake cake!  This cake would be perfect for an Easter gathering or for any spring party!  The design can be made with some fairly simple piping.  Check it out!




Butterfly Cupcake Cake

21 Pull Apart Cupcake Cake Ideas Butterfly | Pretty My Party

Www.cakecentral.com has an adorable butterfly cupcake cake.  Look at this!  Even I could do this.  This cake would look great, even without the fancy frosting piping.  Three colors.  Simple cupcake placement.  Some black frosting for eyes, a mouth, and antennae.  This cake is totally do-able.  Try it!





Olaf Cupcake Cake

21 Pull Apart Cupcake Cake Ideas Frozen Olaf | Pretty My Party Www.prettymyparty.com has a cake image on their site that looks easy enough.  White frosting.  Some brown squeeze frosting for arms.  Some black frosting for buttons, mouth and eyes.  I bet you could even use half an Oreo for the eyes!  Just twist off one of the sides, put the Oreo down frosting side up, and add a dot of black frosting for the pupil. The carrot nose…why not try a real baby carrot?






Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

Hello Kitty Cupcakes CakeWell, I hesitated about this one.  It looked much too complicated to be included on my “easy” list.  But, really…when you really look at it, I don’t think it would be too terribly difficult.

If you had a good piping kit (like the one shown), the frosting would be do-able.

At first, the eyes and whiskers concerned me.  Then, I realized they didn’t need to be formed with frosting.  They could easily be formed with felt or something similar.  The same goes for the bow!

So, although this cake looks a little more challenging than the others, I bet you could still do it.  🙂  I may give this one a try with my daughter this summer.



So, there you have it.  Eight cupcake cakes that even a novice like me isn’t afraid to try.  If you try one, let me know (and send a pic!)

Happy baking!

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