Christmas Scavenger Hunt

How the Scavenger Hunt Came to Be

I was looking through the list of holiday television specials the other day, seeing if there was something my kiddos might enjoy, when I realized something.  I didn’t notice one show that had any reference to Christ.  I suppose I should have anticipated this, but it still hit me smack dab in the face.  My kids are bombarded with messages that Christmas is about Santa and reindeer and elves.  How much time do they really spend reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas?  I know they “know” that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, but do they ever really stop to think about the importance of that?

This laid heavy on my heart for awhile.  My kids are do-ers…sitting and talking about something never goes over very well with my youngest especially.  I knew I needed to encourage this reflection on Christ in an intentional manner.  
So, I decided to create the Christ-centered Christmas Scavenger Hunt!  This family activity is perfect for an evening stroll through town, a walk through the mall (if you can handle the crowds this time of year!), or even as you drive to visit friends or family.  Each item connects back to a truth about Christ.  These can be great discussion items as you search!

Click on the buttons below.  They will lead to a document that you can print and use for your family!  Enjoy!

This button links to a document that has a Christmas scavenger hunt for older kids.

This button links to a document that has a Christmas scavenger hunt for younger kids.

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